CC Chino Valley Women's Ministry

We have enjoyed listening to the teachings from Calvary Chapel Chino Valley Women's Ministry and we have listed some of them below. For more info about their ministry click here...

Woman's Conference | 2016

2014 Inland Empire Women’s Conference
Legacy of God’s Word | Kathy Namahoe
Personal Testimony | Vennesa Alorcon
Legacy of Family | Jeanette Graves
“Legacy of Hope” and Personal Testimony | Naghmeh Abedini

2013 Women's Retreat
Realizing We’re in the Battle | Kelly Bell
Recognizing the Enemy | Kelly Bell
Weapons of Warfare | Jeannette Walls
Staying Fully Armed | Jeannette Walls

2012 Women's Retreat
Session 1 | Gisela Yohannan
Session 2 | Gisela Yohannan
Session 3 | Gisela Yohannan
Session 4 | Gisela Yohannan

2012 Women's Retreat
Introduction | Pastor David Rosales
The Secret of His Presence | Kym Hindt
The Secret of Persistence | Kym Hindt
The Secret of Petition | Kym Hindt
The Secret of Meditating | Robbin Blank
The Secret of Endurance | Coy Galindo
The Secret of Resting | Debbie Putnam/Azarel Ogura
The Secret of Humility | Pattie Bassi
The Secret of Serving | Leslie Price/Julie Dingwall
The Secret of Compassion | Lolita Partida

Women’s Christmas Dessert
Sheri Rose Shepherd

2011 Women's Retreat
Sarah MacIntosh
June Hesterly
Sandy MacIntosh

2010 Women's Retreat
Sandy MacIntosh
June Hesterly
Sandy Macintosh
June Hesterly
Marie Rosales
Janie Alfred
Janie Alfred

2009 Women's Conference
June Hesterly
Sandy MacIntosh
Elyse Fitzpatrick