Listen and watch Cheryl Brodersen, Kay Smith, Janie Alfred, Lenya Heitzig, Debbi Bryson, Cathe Laurie, the ladies from CC Chino Valley Women's Ministry, CC Vista Women's Ministry and CC Merritt Island Women's Ministry, Karin Kyle, and Shannon Gallatin.

Andrea Shaver

One of the marvelous things about our current situation is we are now exposed to so many more amazing teachers through the internet. Andrea Shaver is a good example. Andrea has been teaching Women's Bible studies for years now. But this is our first time hearing a study from her. We hope you enjoy the study below as much as we did

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God has given her a heart for teaching, and she has seen Him be so faithful to bring fresh, relevant messages from His precious Word! Andrea never expected these studies to reach outside her small Colorado town and is excited that Jesus is using her to spread His love and light.

Heather Mercer

Heather Mercer was taken captive in Afghanistan for over 100 days back in 2001. She and fellow missionary, Dayna Curry, were rescued by American G.I. forces on November 16th, 2001. Today she founded and leads a ministry called Global Hope providing services to people in the Middle East.

Heather speaks at the Missionconnexion conference in Portland, OR
Press Conference with Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer

Margaret Ashmore

The periods of depression that we all share can range from having a bad day to grieving the loss of a loved one. Our fallen world harbors a broad spectrum of suffering that, while never the same for each individual, has always been part of the human condition.

Yet Margaret Ashmore reminds us that however difficult our circumstances, they cannot determine whether our lives are ruled by joy or by depression... the choices we make in light of those circumstances do. She lays before us a set of godly choices we can make in our own dark night of the soul to seek God's freedom from our dominating depression.

Margaret Ashmore is an amazing speaker.

In the study "The Abundant Life" Margaret advises us in her unique Texan way. She challenges us to hunker down, focus on God, and get out of His way. We all have a tendency to direct God on how we think an issues should be handled.

"Well Lord, if you do it this way, or that way, it will really work for us" we all say. "Lord if you just get him or her off of those drugs and into rehab, they'll see your mighty work in their lives and come back to you". With help from us we have become the producer and director of the next saga of our loved ones lives we have helped resolve the problems, we think!

Silence is a strong witness, keep praying and stop advising. Gods time-table is where we should be, not ours. Whatever God says to do, do it! Your life will change according to God's plan.

. Overflowing with joy is the only visible proof of our faith. Walk in the Spirit, this is your example to the world that you stand in Heavenly places.

Listen to The Abundant Life!
Read the latest newsletter from Margaret.

More from Margaret:

Question: My brain understands fully what God says in His Word, but how do I get it into my heart? Sometimes it seems like I’ll never be able to get it right!
Answer : Someone once said that the twelve inches from the brain to the heart is the longest of all distances. How is it possible to connect that gaping synapse between head knowledge and heartfelt obedience?
Read more here.

Kristin Spencer

Kristin Spencer is a 34 year old missionary, she and her husband share a unique ministry. Their combined love for Jesus and the missions field has and is a rich blessing for all whom they have met and shared with.

From personal life experiences Kristin has helped, guided and witnessed to women in broken marriages. Kristin writes about - Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Feelings that God has Left You, Relationships with Men, and most importantly, your personal relationship with our Lord.

For the woman who has been abused through verbal, physical or sexual abuse in marriage, Kristin has walked alongside sharing our Lord with His purpose for marriage. Read her article "Where was God When I Was Abused ". Share these articles and books with women, start a book club with Kristin's books, soon you'll be ministering to others.
Read more about Kristin here.

In Jesus,
Sharon Leigh Rude

Calvary Chapel Philadelphia Women's Conferences

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Calvary Chapel Merritt Island

Lesson 1 - Genesis 1:1 - Ch 2:3
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Lesson 24 - Gensis 48-50

Majestic Mystery
Session 1 - The Sower and the Seed
Session 2 - The Unforgiving Servant
Session 3 - Build on the Rock
Session 4 - The Wise and Unwise Virgins
Panel Discussion
The Devotional Life

1st John
Lesson 1 - Walking in Love
Lesson 2 - Abiding in Love
Lesson 3 - Obeying in Love
Lesson 4 - Believing in Love
Lesson 5 - Victorious in Love

1st Peter
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Lesson 3 - Submitting in Hope
Lesson 4 - Suffering in Hope
Lesson 5 - Serving in Hope
Lesson 6 - Growing in Hope
Lesson 7 - Standing in Hope
Lesson 8 - Watching in Hope

Faith, Hope and Love in Action - James
Faith that is Real
Honoring Your Faith
Working Your Faith
Talking Your Faith
Walking Your Faith
Protecting Your Faith
Perfecting Your Faith
Faith in Action

The Parables of Jesus
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The Paths of Suffering
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Personal Evangelism
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Overcoming Fear

From the Depths of Deception

Women's Retreat
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Amy Carmichael

Amy Wilson Carmichael was born in the small village of Millisle, County Down, Northern Ireland to David and Catherine Carmichael. Her parents were devout Presbyterians and she was the eldest of seven siblings. Carmichael was the founder of the Welcome Evangelical Church in Belfast that ministered to 500 mill girls in the church hall of Rosemary Street Presbyterian. She was called to similar work in Manchester in 1889 before moving onto missionary work. She was an unlikely candidate for missionary work as she suffered from neuralgia, a disease of the nerves. She heard Hudson Taylor at the Keswick Convention of 1887 and became convinced of her calling to missionary work. She applied to the China Inland Mission, underwent training in London, and met and was encouraged by Mary Geraldine Guinness, author and missionary to China. Due poor health, she postponed her missionary career with the CIM and later joined the Church Missionary Society. Initially Carmichael traveled to Japan for fifteen months, but she found her lifelong vocation in India. She was commissioned by the Church of England Zenana Mission.

Read her Bible studies here.

Women of the Bible Studies

The Women in the Word | Mary Elizabeth Baxter
Women of the Bible | P. C. Headley
The Women of the Scriptures | Various Authors
Women of Scripture Study

Be an Example to the Believers - 1 Timothy 4:12

Be an example to the believers | Glenda Kaser

Proverbs 31

The Excellent Woman of Proverbs 31 | Anne Pratt

The Neumans

The Neumans

Vices For Victory

Free 2 Be

Free 2 Be Free Indeed | Robin Evans
Free 2 Be Loving | Molly Kelley
Free 2 Be Joyful | Ruth Beeler
Free 2 Be Peaceful | Michelle Lopez
Free 2 Be Patient | Danielle De Alba
Free 2 Be Kind | Kathy Gilbert
Free 2 Be Good | Panel Discussion
Free 2 Be Faithful | Cherie Thompson
Free 2 Be Gentle | Isabelle Lajoie-Smith
Free 2 Be Self-Controlled | Panel Discussion

Mary Elizabeth Baxter

Mary Elizabeth Foster Baxter (1837-1926) was born and raised in Worcestershire England. At the age of twenty–one she responded to a clear presentation of the gospel and shortly thereafter became involved in evangelistic ministry. She was married to Michael P. Baxter in 1868 and together they raised one son, Michael Paget Baxter. England and much of Europe were influenced for the cause of Christ, through the Baxter’s selfless service. They eventually founded Bethshan House, a refuge for the sick of body and soul. Mary and her husband were mentored by spiritual leaders like Andrew Murray and D. L. Moody, to name a few.

Among Mary Baxter’s many talents was a profound love of writing. She held the position co–editor of the “Christian Herald” in London and authored many books, including The Women in the Word, as well as articles, and Bible studies. In response to the command to be “a witness…unto the ends of the earth,” Mary took a world tour with her pastor and his wife. During this journey she suffered from a violent form of neuralgia, which Mary recognized as God’s way of bringing about humility and an end to her self–will. Mrs. Baxter wanted her life’s testimony to be summed up by the statement: “God is faithful.”

Read her Bible studies here.

Alicia Blackwood

An artist and nurse, Alicia Lambart (1818-1913), the daughter an English Earl, was married to the Reverend James Stevenson Blackwood in 1849. During the Crimean War (1854-1856) the Blackwoods ministered to the soldiers and their families in Istanbul, Turkey at the Scutari Barrack Hospital. It was during this time that Florence Nightingale personally delegated Lady Alicia as overseer of a ministry to the widows and children of the Scutari soldiers. Most of her publications are out of print today, so we feel very privileged to have obtained this rare gem entitled Seven Strong Towers, penned by Mrs. Blackwood in the late 1800’s.

Read her Bible studies here.

Shelley Cramm

Shelley Cramm’s extraordinary journey as a writer began when she read Jesus’ words, “I am the vine, and my Father is the gardener” (John 15:1-10 NIV). God providentially used her novice's interest in gardening to spark a desire within Cramm to begin digging for every biblical theme that related to gardening—cultivating, sowing, pruning, and reaping—as well as the intimate horticultural detail in the mention of Bible plants. She soon discovered how much the Christian walk of faith mirrors the practical life of a gardener. Her years of prayer and diligent study, using Blue Letter Bible, led to the publication of a 52-week devotional, NIV God’s Word for Gardeners Bible.

Read her Bible studies here. Or check out her website here.

Frances Ridley Havergal

Frances R. Havergal (1836-1879) was born in her father’s rectory at Worcestershire, England, the youngest of the Havergal family. Some considered her a prodigy for being inclined to read, write, and memorize Scripture at the age of four. From childhood Miss Havergal wrote narratives and prose that were eagerly published and read in religious periodicals. By the age of 14 she was quoted as saying, “I committed my soul to the Saviour… earth and heaven seemed brighter from that moment, when I did trust the Lord Jesus.” Being frail of health her entire life, Miss Havergal died at the young age of forty-three. She is best remembered for her musical talents and the composition of many excellent hymns, which are still being sung to date. The Royal Invitation is a collection of 31 daily devotionals, first published in 1886. Daily “Thoughts on Coming to Christ” is the central theme of these precious writings.

Read her Bible studies here.

Anne Pratt

Anne Pratt (1806-1893) was one of the most successful women botanical illustrators of the 1800s. This book displays her love for the Lord and her high view of the role of women in this world of sin and misery.

The Religious Tract Society, founded 1799, was the original name of a major British publisher of Christian literature intended initially for evangelism, and including literature aimed at children, women, and the poor. This evangelical, non-denominational society dedicated to printing and distributing tracts. These tracts were ‘silent messengers’ among the working classes, urging them to consider the sinfulness of their ways and to accept the sacrifice made by Christ on the cross as the only way to salvation.

Read her Bible studies here.