By Tammy Brown

Healed and Set Free is not just a book, it’s a journey, a journey from the prison of past hurts to freedom. Filled with personal testimonies, this book is encouraging in two ways: you see that many women are being freed from their past hurts, but it also makes clear that we too can be freed. The book is a study guide, which calls for daily prayer and Bible reading. Tammy puts a big emphasis on prayer time, and rightfully so, as it is God’s involvement that allows healing to take place.

Healed and Set Free is a map, a field guide. It leads readers through the difficult things in life, into the life God wants us to have. With God’s help this book will lead you into the life we all know exists, the life we are unable to obtain on our own. The questions in each chapter are designed to help you confront the issues of your past and deal with them in the present. This is especially helpful in a group study, which we recommend for this process. Much healing can come by working through the book alone with God’s help, but in a group setting the healing can be solidified.

Healed and Set Free explains how to confront the issues of our past. Many times we are not willing to, thinking we already “got over it,” or that when we became Christians it all went away. But Tammy shows us that we need to see what the truth of what is in our hearts.

Next, the book explains that we need to give our issues to God. We must deal with our responsibility in the issues of our life. This act can be very healing as we start to truly release our issues completely to God.

Then comes forgiveness, the key to truly becoming free. But we often think we have forgiven others, when we haven’t even fully recognized the full impact of our wounds. This is why the first two steps in the healing process are so important: we must see the whole truth and give it all to God. Then we can truly forgive the entire issue.

Our favorite part of the book is the final tool: forget. It seems we so often forget to forget. Tammy tells a great story in the book illustrating that forgetting is not a one-time occurrence, as she says, we need to “remember to forget.”

The chapters on depression and body image are good additions. Depression affects so many people, and it was good to see the chapter on body image that talks about eating disorders, as both are issues that affect many women.

Tammy has taken her past experiences and, with God’s help, has used them to form a better life. God used those experiences in her life for good; she has found the life God wants for all of us. Now God is using Tammy to set us free also. Her response to those horrible issues in her past made it possible for God to use her. Through Him, she is able to present to us a path out of our own bondage. The journey of reading of Healed and Set Free will not always be pleasant, but if you seek God’s help, are honest with yourself, and willing to forgive, you will be set free. God’s truth will set you free!

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