Kay Smith
Reflecting GodGently and lovingly, Kay Smith instructs Christian women how to be a reflection of their heavenly Father in her book “Reflecting God”. Kay’s love and tenderness speak through the pages as she draws on scripture and past experience to highlight the attitudes and actions that shine the light of Jesus to the world. Pastor’s wife of Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, mother of four, and grandmother and great grandmother to a multitude, Kay has much experience from which to draw.

"As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in your likeness” Psalm 17:15. That is the goal of the Christian woman – to be in His likeness. This scripture is the key to being a mirror of our Lord. Awareness of our position as daughters of the King of Heaven will influence us in representing Him properly to the world around us. His daughters should have perfect hatred for the attitudes that would stain their royal garments. We should think each day,” I will adorn myself for the King."

The woman who reflects God knows: • She is loved, and in turn loves others • Who she belongs to, and attracts others to Jesus • A spiritual battle is raging, and intercedes for those entrusted to her • Her position in this dark world, and holds out a light to the lost. Kay reveals the importance of renewing your mind and cleansing it before the Lord.

"If you want fellowship with Jesus, obedience is the price. You have to be a gatekeeper watching closely what comes in and out of your mind."

The daughter of the King sows to the Spirit. She grows. If you are not growing you have gone dormant. She counts it all joy when trouble comes, Pasa Chara, in the Greek. Kay signs her emails with this phrase.

As Christian women we want all who come in contact with us to know clearly who we belong to, and what we stand for. To be a true reflection of His beauty to the world, we must take out and destroy the garments of anger, bitterness, and depression and put on His royal robes of compassion, mercy and kindness. Isaiah 61:3 tells us He clothes us with “… the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” A daughter of the King praises Him and shows hope to the world around her.

Kay’s book will inspire women to be encouragers. Women have an enormous influence on the people around them. A woman who inspires is an encourager of others to do great things. She sanctifies the Lord of Hosts in her heart, and lets Him be her fear, and her life is consecrated to Him. She is then in a position to reflect the Lord God to all who come across her path.

Are you longing for a closer walk with the Lord? Are you looking to influence others around you for the Kingdom of God? Are you longing to represent the Lord as a daughter of His realm? Then Kay Smith’s “Reflecting God” will be a sweet instruction manual for you.